Amazon Introduces Omni Series FireTV Sets

In a move absolutely no one ever expected [sarcasm], Amazon introduced a New line of LED TV sets from Amazon, with Fire TV and Alexa built-in.

Amazon Omni Series FireTV

The high-end 65- and 75-inch models ($830 / $1,100) come with Dolby Vision support.

The lesser models (43-inch for $410, 50-inch for $510, 55-inch for $560) do not.

Pricing is similar to equivalent offerings from LG & Samsung.

Check them out at, Amazon Omni Series FireTV (affiliate link). They’ll be released on October 27, 2021.

But an important note to anyone looking for a new TV. All Amazon Omni Series models are LED, not OLED. LED vs. OLED? LED are brighter, but you will lose clarity in the darks on the screen, whereas OLED are much finer tuned to the dark ranges. If you are looking for a cinematic performance, you might be better served to pass on this, but if sports are thing, LED will be just fine.