2013 Reading List

In 2012, I managed to finish 49 books (36 Reading, 13 Audiobook). I was 3 shy of my goal of 1 per week. But I finished closer than I thought I would. For 2013 I have the same goal and I’ll be catologing my booklist in this living post (links are affiliate links to Amazon Kindle versions where appropriate, and to physical versions if an ebook is unavailable). Also, while I am an avid reader/collector of cook books, I will not be including those in my official tally.

Currently Read – 8, Goal – 52
(title) – (author) – (finish date)
Without Fail (Reacher #6) – Lee Child – 1/1/2013
Persuader (Reacher #7) – Lee Child – 1/4/2013
Amazing Things Will Happen – C.C. Chapman – 1/6/2013
Nexus – Ramez Naam – 1/19/2013
The Enemy (Reacher #8) – Lee Child – 1/24/2013
One Shot (Reacher #9) – Lee Child – 1/27/2013
The Hard Way (Reacher #10) – Lee Child – 1/31/2013

In the Queue (no particular order):
To Sell is Human – Daniel Pink
The Energy Bus – Jon Gordon (Audible.com version)

Recent Cookbooks:
Salt Lick Cookbook – Scott Roberts & Jessica Dupuy

I’m also taking recommendations. If you have one (or several), hit me up on Twitter: @shartley

Update 2/3/13
I decided to make this list month-by-month. This page represents January’s reads.

For the month-by-month list:
January 2013 Reading List (7 read)
February 2013 Reading List