A New Day

I think I’m going to blow up my blog. This blog. I’ve been posting since 2001 when I wrote a little blog engine as a side project at work. I guess I was at the forefront of the blogging movement back then – and more-so a bit later when David and I launched AdPulp.com

That isn’t to say I don’t blog write anymore. I have 237 unpublished posts in the dashboard from the last 18 months. I struggle to hit the publish button for whatever reason. Much of my original content was social in nature, we now have Facebook & Twitter. I took joy in curating interesting content from around the web, now it is Reddit (and Digg before that). I shared photos, now there is SmugMug, Flicker, Picassa, iPhoto. I was single and was active and social, now I’m married to my wonderful wife and have two beautiful, smart, and inspiring kids.

I want to turn of the computer and go outside. But I feel responsible to my blog, even though I don’t hit publish very often. And surprisingly to me, I still have over 50 people subscribed to the feed – if Google/Feedburner stats are to be trusted.

I used to have a lot of content that said “this was me, you like it?” When all I was trying to say is “Hey, I’m Shawn and know/do some cool shit that you can probably benefit from.” I think I’ll start with an empty screen and work towards that goal again.

The short version: This blog is old, my heart isn’t in it, don’t be surprised if I hit the delete button on the old, useless content and start fresh (if at all).

Update 5/7/2011:
I deleted over 700 old blog posts this morning, leaving only about 64 posts in the archives.