A Slice of Heaven

My copy of Pizza: A Slice of Heaven : The Ultimate Pizza Guide and Companion arrived this past week. Juggling all of my new found responsibilties, I wasn’t able to start thumbing through it until today.

If you enjoy pizza, even just a tad bit, this book looks to live up to its name as the ultimate guide: top pizza joints organized by region and city (even Omaha gets a page), tips for the DIYers (I make a pretty mean NY-style myself), and more.

Zio’s received the feature billing of the Omaha page. With Big Fred’s, Lansky’s, and Sgt. Peffers also being mentioned.

The Omaha page was authored by “Ed Delmont of the Omaha News-Herald.” I belive though, that this might be an error, or perhaps a psuedonym, and should have been Jim Delmont who I think used to be the restaurant critic for the OWH before John Keenan took over.

I might be one of the only people in Omaha who doesn’t really care for Zio’s. Preferably, I’d rather whip up a batch of my own dough and bake my own. But if you must eat out, Franks Pizzaria at 132nd & Dodge (in the HyVee plaza) is vastly superior to Zio’s and where you’ll find most transplanted New Yorkers eating.

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