Apple to release iOS7 Beta 8 Soon

I find it amusing that iOS beta releases, releases which aren’t meant for public consumption, have become a news story. The latest in this is tech blog BGR that went on record yesterday that Beta 7 was going to be released yesterday.

Beta versions, often the final testing states before public launch, are getting news. iFever is at a frenzy, as most developers shrug their shoulders and install on their development devices to test their apps. But these days, many developers go a step further and offer beta versions to their friends, families and even those who are willing to pass on some cash tender. Everyday people, begging to be on the bleeding edge of tech.

And then the punchline, many of their apps aren’t working and they take to social media outlets to complain. About.Beta.Software.

I’m an Apple iOS Developer. I have iOS 7 Beta installed on two devices, an iPhone 4 that became a dev device after I upgraded to an iPhone 5 last fall and a 2nd generation iPad that has also been pushed aside for a newer device.

But iOS7 Beta 8 might be here soon, probably a week to ten days after Beta 7 eventually hits. Until then enjoy the social media complaining.

</pet peeve>

My iPhone 5 is proudly slugging along on legacy iOS 6.1.4 aka The Dark Ages. Everything works. No crashes.