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I’ve slacked off a bit from my 31 posts in 31 days goal. A busy schedule at work has me to the point that the last thing I want to do is sit down at the computer after work. This little guy makes it even easier to leave the computer off.

Be a Gmail Master
I’m firmly entrenched in Gmail as stated previously, but here are some more tips to get you on the road to becoming a Gmail G(J)edi (okay that was bad).

Take your household budget online with access from any where (assuming you are online) . Interesting concept, but way to many * in the pricing structure to give it any serious consideration. Here’s a better idea for those in need. Get yourself a biometric-secured flash drive and keep your budget there…

Inbox Zero
Merlin from 43Folders recently ran a special series of tips on getting your email inbox cleaned out. I follow a similar methodology both at home and at work, but a little reminder is always refreshing.

Incidentally, I also changed the settings on my email client at the office to only poll for new email every 20 minutes. Having conditioned myself to the email-as-instant-communication-model, I seriously needed the break this has given me.

iPod Diagnostics Mode
Itchin’ to tinker with what is going on behind the scenes with your iPod. Follow the link for the instructions to get to the diagnostic menu.

Baseball is only a couple weeks away. ‘Bout time (as I watched the Duke upset destroy my NCAA March Madness bracket tonight).

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