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WordPress on a Stick
My first thought was why? Then I realized that there are a lot of things I could do with a WP install on little USB key.
[Original link is dead, here’s an alternate: WordPress on a Stick]

Meet the Crawlers
Q and A with Ask, Google, Yahoo! and MSN search engineers from last week’s Search Engine Strategies conference. Interesting tidbit that Google isn’t parsing Flash files (.swf) anymore for links…

Matt Cutts’ Blog
The Google representative mentioned in the previous link. Lots of good Google info and search information in general.

Community rated headlines centered around technology. The Slashdot for the 2.o generation. Although the Digg effect of crashing linked sites due to overwhelming traffic is getting a bit irritating.

Google Sitemap Generator for WordPress
This is what I use on my WP-based sites. Quick and simple.

A Simple Google Sitemap Generator
Point it to a URL and start navigating. Copy the result into a blank XML file and you are all set.
[Original link is dead, here’s an alternate: XML Sitemap Generator]
Resources for entrepreneurs. I dig the reviews.

Deleting files from a stolen Mac
Advanced take on the stolen-laptop-phone-home technique.

Some great domains for sale (premium)
Need a brandable domain. Here you go, and all reduced for a quick sale (these are premium domains, so don’t expect a $8.95 GoDaddy pricing).

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