Content from the Archives

Ran through some server logs last night. I used to have a section on the site from back in the day. Way back before my days of WordPress and before that, MovableType. At a time when I had a home-grown blogging engine built upon good old ASP & Microsoft SQL server, dubbed WhazzaBlog – even sold a couple copies of it for beer money.

A section of the site dubbed Special Sauce, a collection of random drink recipes, existed outside of the structure. Nothing fancy, just a few that I’d posted mainly so I’d remember them. But one, a recipe for the Irish Car Bomb, ranked at the top of Google for years – eons in interweb time. Every March, St. Patrick’s Day would arrive and so would traffic to At its peak, I served 375,000 unique visitors on a single day in 2003 or 2004. Big traffic for a lowly blog before the days of Digg and Reddit.

While scouring the aforementioned logs, over 200 404 errors caught my eye, stemming from the long-lost Special Sauce landing page, the Irish Car Bomb and the other five recipes I’d had posted.

They have been brought back to life with URLs remapped to a friendlier structure (thanks htaccess). I probably still have the originals archived on the multitude of harddrives, DVDs, Zips, and CDs that clutter my garage, but today’s miracle of rebirth is brought to by the fine folks at the WayBack Machine.