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I’ve been forcing myself to try and get back into a reading mode lately. I’ve been in a funk about work lately and reading (for enjoyment) has usually been enough to get me out of a rut. Although this time it looks like it might time to reinvent myself again. I’m a marketing/advertising guy by trade and my job wasn’t supposed to be this heavy on development – yet 9/11, and the economy, conspired to push what was supposed to be a “50% consulting/50% development” affair into something resembling about 95% development work. I know I can do pretty much do anything I put my mind to, I just need to kick myself into gear and knock down some of the walls supporting my comfort level.

So here is what I’ve been reading:
Sideways – A Novel
I received this yesterday (4/18/05) on a recommendation that if I liked the movie, I would enjoy the book even more. I’m already about a 1/3 of the way through it I must agree that the recommendation was spot on thus far. The movie to this point was a very faithful adaptation with the only differences coming in scenes where the on-screen performance would require way to much set-up time convey the same meaning that the author Rex Pickett brilliantly put to paper. I’ll probably finish this tonight or tomorrow as it was very difficult to put down last night when fatherly duties called.

Brand Sense
My gig as publisher of AdPulp has brought with it the luxury of receiving preview copies of books from the marketing/advertising genre. Like previous books, I’ll have a full review posted on AdPulp as soon as I have finished Brand Sense.

Definitive XML Schema
Ahhh, the joys of work (dripping with so much sarcasm that you may need to wipe off your screen).

In the pipeline:
I Heard You Paint Houses
I’m not much into mafia books, but my wife, Terri ‘Fingers,’ has been held captive by this and I told her I’d give it a gander.

A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age
Max just read this and will be sending it my way shortly.

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