Cut Spike Whiskey

A couple of years ago, the start-up combo Lucky Bucket Brewing and Solas Distillery sold futures on a small batch whiskey. My dad, brother and I, took the plunge and preordered a case.

In the roughly two and a half years since that time, there have been plenty of changes afoot. One of the founders left, the distillery has changed names, and everyone has been eagerly awaiting the launch of the whiskey. The distillery is now known as Cut Spike Distillery and is apparently set to have a web site at some point in time at (as of publication, the domain resolves to a GoDaddy landing page – the horrors). But you can follow them on Twitter: @cutspike

A release party for fellow whiskey futures purchasers is set for August 9, and product details are starting to come out. Presenting Cut Spike Whiskey:

The label:
Cut Spike Whiskey Label


Bottle Rendering:
Cut Spike Whiskey Bottle

Barrel From Batch 1
Cut Spike Whiskey Barrel

Another fine product made in Omaha, NE. Image Credits: Cut Spike Twitter Account