Domain Woes

So, when you’ve had enough of your current registrar and start transferring a couple hundred domain names to a new registrar, it would be wise to pay attention to the DNS settings of each and every one, not just those of greatest importance.

I started moving my domains this past November as they came up for renewal. Coincidentally, I’ve had a slow drop in affiliate revenues from a few sites starting around the beginning of the year that finally reached a critical mass that couldn’t be attributed to seasonal shopping patterns.

Low and behold, about 40 domains were either redirecting to old parking programs, the old registrar’s domain parking, or were dead-ending with “site can’t be found” errors. Furthermore, most of those 40 were showing DNS settings that are over a year and a half old, despite the fact I had started using a private DNS server last summer for most of my domains. My new registrar has the option of maintaining the current DNS settings after the transfer is completed, but it looks like my old registrar is either pulling a fast one or has a big issue with their DNS records.

I’m planning on another batch of transfers this week, so I’ll keep an eye on things and see where the problems start and to whom I can lay the blame.

My affiliate revenues, in total, are only off a few hundred bucks in the six months – and I’ve more than made up for in revenue from a few other sites that have taken off in the last few months – but I’ve probably taken a ding search engine juice in that time. Ultimately, I probably should have checked everything post-transfer, but let this be a lesson for ya’.

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