I’ve been writing around 500 words a day for the last couple of weeks. Some of has been published here and edited for readability, some has founds its way to other blogs and sites I publish or write for; much of which has simply been therapeutic and unpublished to regain my lost love of writing.

Fear is an especially troubling emotion, one that affects not only individuals but as Mikhail Gorbachev points out, one that can affect an entire nation.

What’s holding Russia back is fear. Among both the people and the authorities, there is concern that a new round of modernization might lead to instability and even chaos. In politics, fear is a bad guide; we must overcome it.
–Mikhail Gorbachev, as translated in the New York Times.

This is one of those pieces of writing that is finding its way to being published in shortened format. While I have my own couple of fears I fight on a daily basis; a slight fear of success (that leads to comfort playing a role in decision-making) and the more troubling fear of the encroaching boudaries of mortality juxaposed with the roles and responsibilities of being a dad to two great kids and a husband to an equally great wife (e.g. I’m getting old and I can’t physically/mentally do the things I used to do).

Fear holds things back, be it ideas, people, or even a country. While I’m working at conquering my fears; or least holding them at bay. What are your fears?