I just reached an agreement to sell the vast majority of my domain names. When the deal is completed – in about 45 days – I’ll be down to roughly 150 or so domains.

In the last two years, I’ve been selling them off on in chunks after hitting a high of over 2200 names; for no reason in particular other that I have felt I’ve over-extended my time commitments many times over. Most of which had some form of parking revenue, and a small handful of those were subsidizing the rest. My first culling was of names bringing in less that 35% of their annual registration fee most of those were left for expiration. I had two additional divestitures of under-performing names within the last year.

A few weeks ago, I made mention of my names to playing partner in a golf scramble. He knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy that has a few thousand names and one thing led to another. He contacted me, asked if I was interested in selling and what I had available. He made an offer, I countered, we met somewhere in the middle and it is a done deal.

I still feel domain name investing can be highly profitable, but like many outside ventures, the time involvement can be prohibitively expensive. With two kids (almost 2 and almost 4), I’ve place a huge premium on my free time the last few years and this one of those things that had reached a critical decision point.