Liveblogging Telemarketer Calls

We get a ton of telemarketing calls at the office. I’m going to start taking them off the script and transcribing them. Here’s the first one from today.

Telemarketer: “Can I speak to the person in charge of your phone system?”

ME: “Can I speak to the person in charge of your web site?”

Telemarketer: “No, your phone system.”

ME: “I know, but I want to talk to the person in charge of your website.”

Telemarketer: “Well, that person isn’t really here right now. But I can give you the company information.”

Me: “Did you watch the Lost finale?”

Telemarketer: “It really ins’t my kind of show, but I have watched it a couple of times. Lots of people were talking about it around here.”

Me: “What TV shows do you watch?”

Telemarketer: “I don’t watch a lot, but I do watch huntin and fishin shows.”

Me: “Is that with a G?”

Telemarketer: “[sounded confused] No.”

Me: “Okay, thanks. [I hung up]”