Manage Your Hosting

Seriously. In this day and age, if you are a web/design/knowledge worker and run your business on a sub-$20/month shared hosting package, you deserve every bit of downtime you get.

cheap hostingFor the sub-$20/month-clubbers out there, thank you for looking unprofessional, lazy and cheap. Every time you tweet/blog/facebook about you outages and generally complain about their FAIL, you are only calling attention to your FAIL.

How many extra sites are you stuffing into your sub-$20 hosting account in an attempt to profit from it? Or better yet, have you done a reverse IP lookup to see what sites are sharing your server?

At the very least, upgrade to a semi-dedicated box. Get yourself a Media Temple DV, or manage your own on SliceHost. But if you are complaining every single time an issue pops up with your LunarPages, Dreamhost and Media Temple GS accounts, you deserve every single outage/delay you have coming your way.

And I thank you, for referring the clients to me who appreciate that attention to detail.

*Yes, this site is hosted on a cheap Dreamhost account, but it isn’t my business and I don’t lose sleep when it is down.