My Other Firefox Extensions

[5/29/17 Edit: this post is outdated. I’ve removed all external links to prevent confusion, but leaving content for posterity]

In response to my SEO Tools for Firefox post, I’ve had a couple of inquiries to which other extensions I use with Firefox. Responding publicly, here is the list:

Google Toolbar for Firefox
Sure, Firefox has an integrated search box, but everyone needs the visual of Google’s PageRank. Actually, Cached Page and Backward Links under the Info menu and the integrated Spell Check are my most-used features.

Adsense Notifier
Because you always need to know how much you’ve made via Google AdSense and just can’t be troubled with logging in every couple of hours.

Post to your blog, right from a split screen browser window with the need to login through the web interface. With six sites I contribute to, this is a godsend.

“With a single click you can find and share cool sites matched to your interests.”

Another SEO related extension. My primary use is for a quick visual on Google PageRank and Alexa Ranking. But there are a host of other features via a contextual menu.

Need to auto-refresh a page at a custom interval? Great for your local weather radar or that pesky, out-dated webmail client that doesn’t automatically check for new mail.

Web Developer
Essential for any web developer. Period.

UserAgent Switcher
For those times when you need bypass the clueless developers that make their sites one-browser-specific and block access to others.

IE Tab
(on my Windows machine at work) The power of both browsers in one.

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