My Shoulder Still Hurts

– okay, I’m just digging for something to say today –

Actually, there is quite a bit I want to say, but it is in my best interest to remain quiet. Which brings me back to my shoulder. I tore my rotator cuff in October – and knew I did so right away. It felt exactly like it did 12 years ago when I did it the first time and happened in a similar manner, falling on an outstretched arm (the first time in a roller hockey tournament, the second time in a softball game). Later, the MRI confirmed my diagnosis.

Surgery wasn’t an option because 1) it wasn’t my dominant arm and 2) it was too close to the scar tissue from my previous tear (which also wasn’t a surgery candidate). Five months later it still aches and I can’t lift any weight in an outstretched arm above shoulder height. Let alone the annoyance of waking myself up at night rolling over and being met with a twinge of pain.

The first tear took over a year before I was pain free and back to 100%. Based on the way this one feels right now, it looks like I’m on the same path.

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