On Daily Blogging

I’m trying to get back in the daily habit of blogging. A little challenge between fellow coworker and friend, Carolyn Kruger and I.

I used to write quite a bit going back to the early days of blogging. I even hand rolled my own little blogging engine for a while back in the early 2000s before eventually switching to WordPress (with a detour through TextPattern and pMachine if I remember correctly). And in fact, if my archives are to be believed, my first “post” was July 1, 2001.

For a bit of context, back then I’d recently left Bozell and after spending some time on travel and personal projects, started at Corporate 3 Design about a month prior. My blog was a hub for scheduling events with friends and staying in touch. While some of those early posts remain on this site, I did purge a lot of it a few years ago. There may even be a post describing the whats and whys behind what I purged.

Blogging is difficult for me. Not because I don’t have anything to say, but rather, I’m fairly guarded about my private life. I think that is a challenge a lot of bloggers encounter. I could take the easy way out and opt for link round-ups and other popular tidbits like current headlines, but I also want to add value to what I write about. By forcing myself in to this daily habit, I hope to flex my creative writing muscles a little bit. I know I’ll have some slow days, maybe a video, some photos, or even the occasional link round-up, but by-and-large, I will be trying to add value to what I post.

If you go back through my recent archives, I think I’ve posted more in 2016 than I have in the previous couple of years combined. As of now, I plan to continue…