Periodic Roundup

Things have been a tad hectic over the last couple of weeks, primarily the result of a massively ugly single-sign-on project at the office for a client involving five different web sites managed by three different organizations utilizing four different scripting/hosting environments and a whole slew of XML requests/responses. The project is further complicated by the lack of a centralized customer (user) database and uncooperative ‘other parties.’

Enough babbling, on to the roundup.

AdPulp continues pump the vibe. Traffic continues to grow and the reader base is close to a level where we can start enhancing our offerings. If any of my readers tire of my lack of updates here, we’ve been averaging 4-5 new posts per day lately, so there is always plenty to read.

A spammer in Florida was sentenced to nine years in prison. Yeah! Now go get the rest of them!

Baseball is here!

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