A few months ago I made some decisions, one of which is pizza. It has been a 128 days since I have had a slice of pizza. Granted, that is over-simplifying many of the changes I have made, but that is the one that keeps me going.

I first got back on a bike a few weeks ago. Today I had my longest ride in many years. Coincidentally, it was the longest ride my kids have been on in their short lives. They even got to experience a little bit of singletrack.

I’m just under halfway to my end goal, but I already feel like a changed man. My doctor emailed me a couple weeks ago. One thing he said has stuck with me:

Congratulations! That is fantastic. It’s likely you are adding years to your life.

I’m sore tonight, but tomorrow I think I have another family bike ride ready to happen. I have some more years to add.