Root Canal

I hate dentists. Probably a result of orthodontics in high school and an experience with one dentist a few years ago whose middle name should have been “torture.”

I can tolerate the periodic cleanings but still, I hate dentists…at least until this past week.

I’d been suffering from a toothache for the last couple weeks that was progressively getting worse. My old dentist had recently retired and I needed to find someone new. Ordinarily, I would have looked to friends for a referral, but the pain was getting to be too much so I just went with someone who was close to work and could get me in quick.

Turns out I had a cracked filling that had allowed a new cavity to develop behind the old filling. Verdict: probably a root canal, but he wouldn’t know for sure until he got the old filling out. “Here’s a script for Vicodin to get you through the next couple days and we’ll see you on Thursday, and I promise you it will be pain free.”

He kept his word. Plus, I watched a movie through VR glasses during the entire procedure.

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