SEO Tools for Firefox

One of the great things about the Firefox Browser is the extensibility it provides. If you are in need of a special function or widget, odds are someone else did too and likely there is already an extension to satisfy your needs.

For your SEO (search engine optimization) needs, here are a couple I’ve been playing around with recently.

SEO for Firefox
Install this little beauty and your Yahoo and Google search result pages are transformed with a host of tools to gather anything from Google Page Rank to Alexa ranking, to content, to the number of .gov and .edu links a site has.

My experiences on Yahoo have been pretty consistent, but Google seems to be hit-or-miss. However the functionality alone makes this a killer tool. Bonus points for not being an obnoxious toolbar, this actually ‘codes-over’ the search results pages and other than an on/off toggle is highly unobtrusive.

RankQuest SEO Toolbar
While I just gave bonus points to the previous tool for not having a toolbar – I do favor toolbars that have a specific purpose and can be put away when not needed. The RankQuest SEO Toolbar is just such a tool. Among the many features, I’ve put the keyword finder and analyzer to the test as well as the Search Engine Saturation tool and the link stats.
[original link is dead and has been removed.]

My dislikes are that the toolbar only provides a quick interface feeding back to the RankQuest site and not all of the functions operate ‘flawlessly.’ But once you get the hang of the tools specific to your needs, this toolbar will save you some time in the SEO game.

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