Seth Godin wonders what happens when we get to 11

There is a strong current running in blogosphere about blogging at the corporate level. My counterpart on, Dav Burn, is a strong proponent of corporate blogging as major part of conversational media. While I on the other-hand am more of a centrist in the matter.

Granted, many of our minor disagreements on the subject are more a matter of semantics than philosophical differences. Regardless of your position, Seth Godin posed the question today about what happens when the blogspace gets too crowded and we end up in the same place we are with traditional advertising and marketing. What will it take to break through the clutter and the noise.

My personal view is that corporate blogging will simply go away, a victim of lack of interest. Why try to break through in this space with an unproven ROI when there are nearly countless other ways to spend the money with measurable ROI? I’m not a pessimist on the subject, nor am I one to dismiss blogging as a fad. However, I do see a tremendous amount of under-estimating with the commitment it takes to blogging at the company level. Unless that changes, the ability of conversational media to sustain itself just isn’t there.

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