Steve Jobs, Rest in Peace

Shitty news today that Steve Jobs has passed on.

I’ve used Apple products for over 25 years, from my family’s first computer – a newly released Apple //c that we purchased in the summer of 1984, followed by my “own” computer, a second-hand Apple IIe with the double floppy drive setup. A two-computer household in the mid-80s, in rural Western Nebraska. Not something you saw everyday in that neck of the woods.

Today, most of my work is done on a MacBook Pro at home or an iMac at the office. We have several functioning Macs in the house, from my MacBook Pro to my wife’s Mac Book, to a Mac Mini that powers our media center. Two iPads, six functioning iPhones, (two with active contracts, four being used as dev devices or in an iPod Touch-like capacity), a smattering of prior models of iPods, etc.

Many great people have come and gone; many of those not recognized for their greatness until after the fact. Steve Jobs believed he could change the world, and he did – right in front of everyone.

If you ever need a bit of inspiration or motivation, watch his 2005 commencement address at Stanford. 15 minutes of your day that could change your life: