The Future of Content Management

A simple email from someone who found my site this past week and asked me how I liked WordPress turned into an engaging conversation on the future of content management. I’ll respect his wishes to remain anonymous at this time regarding our discussion, but we came to some general conclusions:

1. With the amount of content business entities generate, content management is misnomer. Search will be the golden egg. I’ve touched upon this quite a few times, and a few people have noticed my site tends to drift in that direction from time-to-time. We both agree that while many companies are getting into the search game, the market is wide open to solutions; despite the dominance Google appears to have.

2. Web applications that automate traditional paper tasks will continue to grow, however the realization that job responsibilities are only being shifted instead of replaced are starting to occur. The human element is still needed in some capacity.

3. Structured Content becomes the name of the game. XML has been around for years and gets plenty of press but look for its usage to explode over the next couple of years. One of the driving forces is the blog-space and the content syndication via RSS/Atom/XML as it is finally bringing the concept to the masses in much the same way the knowledge of HTML expanded in the 90’s.

4. Email marketing matures and starts incorporating many different delivery systems, from RSS to Instant Messaging.

5. The web site becomes the hub instead of just being a marketing element and functionality with mobile devices will be a must.

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