The Rumors of my Demise…

In the nearly two months since I ‘officially’ shut down the blogesque functionality on, I’ve crossed 11 books off of my reading list, managed to squeak in a few football games (this is shaping up to be one of the better college football seasons of recent memory), found some rejuvenation with the web (development, marketing & search), and happened upon two job offers – one of which I’ve accepted.

Beginning Monday, October 23, I’ll be in the employ of Turnpost Design Group handling matters of all things web. My last day at the C3D will be October 18th; or perhaps sooner depending upon when our daughter decides she is ready to enter the real world.

I’m still not sure on the future direction for this site/blog/whatever, but I am feeling rather refreshed. In many ways, a few nagging burdens have been lifted off my shoulders during this time and it has been getting easier to find words.
Stay tuned? Perhaps.