Three (now four) Posts in One Month

I hope this doesn’t mean I’m blogging again. I still participate on the interwebs, but always seem to find something else to do instead of writing, here, on this blog thing. If you want to find me in other places:

p.s. You know how UFC (and other fight events) tend to use one word descriptors of their events — such as UFC 101: Declaration, or UFC 97: Redemption. I think 2010 should have something to describe it; like 2010: Focus, or 2010: Simplify, 2010: It isn’t 2012 yet.

p.s.s. I’ve added some ads to some really old posts that get a lot of search traffic on

p.s.s.s. I don’t really care for the term blogging or the term lifecasting for that matter, but I have a lot of things out on the web and one of the things I want to do in the future is both try to find a better way to tie things together and find some focus in what I actually do. Example, I used to buy and sell domains and built up a pretty good library of domains, but managing the renewal dates, monetization efforts, traffic analytics, hosting, sales inquiries, etc. was a gigantic time suck. So I built tools to manage the common minutiae – which worked well enough to save my time, but I bought more domains to fill the void and spent time tinkering with my tools to squeeze “more” out of them. In September, 2008, I sold around 2000 domains, keeping the vanity, brandable, and future-plan domains and a handful of parked domains that were providing the bulk of the revenue. It also happened to coincide with a huge drop in online ad revenues thanks to the economy, but that was just a fortuitous coincidence on my part. The real point is that I simplified and focused and came out the other side with only a slight impact on “revenue” numbers – and came out significantly ahead when one calculates the value of my time.

p.s.s.s.s. I think this might be more about breaking up routines than anything. But I’ve always dug this quote from Warren Miller and think it might apply just a little bit.