Tuesday Roundup

Space Shuttle Discovery (STS 114) – NASA returns to space with the successful launch of Discovery. Although there are fresh concerns on debris at launch, it is great to see the shuttle back in action, especially after witnessing the community reaction around Cape Canaveral the day they lost Columbia.

24 Ways to Lace Your Shoes – 24 of the trillions of way to lace your shoes (via Kottke).

My loyal Pismo Powerbook (G3 500 Firewire) aka X Factor finally bid farewell. Having limped along on its last legs for the last couple years, my Powerbook bit the dust with what appears to be a blowout of the video board. While it was no longer part of my production environment, its Airport card made it very convenient for surfing from any room in the house. Apple, in response, promptly released new iBooks today (new Mac mini updates too).

Smultron – Somewhere in the last year or so, Smultron has become my default text editor on the Mac. Simple, free and easy-to-use, it has quietly replaced my day-to-day usage of BBEdit. Which reminds me that one day I really need to get my list of Essential Mac Applications completed.

Lance wins 7 – Lance Armstrong goes out on a dominant note, winning his 7th consecutive Tour de France.

PostSecret – People anonymously send their deepest secret via postcard. Kind of dark, kind of weird, but strangely addicting.

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