Tuesday Roundup

Stealing Wireless
From my residence, I have reliable access to 2 open wifi networks, 2 with protected access and another 4 or so that float in on occasion.

Macromedia Studio 8
All new versions of Fireworks, Flash and Dreamweaver, the latter of which promises even better CSS support and new XML integration. We are back to numbers again after MX and MX 2004. Flash seems to be back to one product again after the Flash v. Flash Pro debacle confusion of MX 2004. The pricing is decent at $399 so I may take the plunge after foregoing the upgrade from MX to MX 2004.

Discovery Lands Without Incident
Thats a relief, but the shuttle fleet is grounded again.

Google News by RSS/ATOM
‘Bout time. My dozen or so news alerts via email were starting to hit the trash as soon as the hit the inbox.

Football is here, and that means vicious Fantasy Football action. While many will focus their efforts on player rankings and live drafts, the have already figured out the true measure of FF success is the team name. A name should be unique, laced with hidden meaning, and generally without common sporting team names. My 2005 names are yet to be revealed, however, some notables from leagues and former teams:
↣ Master of the Enemy (nice Sun Tzu reference)
↣ Turn and Coughlin
↣ El Gatito Borracho
↣ Back Seat Love
↣ Certainly Apropos
↣ Little Man o’ War

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