Using Bing – 30 Day Challenge

I neglected to write about this, but my 30 Day Challenge for April was to switch my default search engine on my browser to Bing instead of Google. I still have a few days left in the month, but I think this is better suited to a recap instead of a before statement.

Admittedly, Google is Search and I probably went in to this with a chip on my should about how badly the search experience would be. For many straight-up daily search queries, Bing was decent enough to use without any issues. A much better result than I expected.

Where I really had a hard problem with the results were times when I wasn’t able to contextually frame my searches properly. Google excels massively in this arena.

Bing also fails at the local level. Maybe I should rephrase this. Google has integrated local/geo so well in to the natural results that is seems seamless. Bing fails to that by either disregarding anything local related or going full-on over the top.

I joked on Twitter that I hit Gold Rewards Status on Mobilegeddon day.

Bing rewards is an interesting beast. It probably draws a fair number of non-tech user searches with it, but for me, I think it is a laughable ploy. Oh well.