Weekly Roundup

The Black Box that predicts the future.
An intersting article on Red Nova about the ‘randomness’ of random number generators and their apparent ability to ‘see’ the future.

Fix a Troubled Mac
A $15 eBook on troubleshooting the Mac including backup strategy (hat tip to Tao of Mac).

Nike’s new black ball has golf world abuzz
A stunt at the FBR Open in which 4 tour pro’s used a black golf ball on a par 3 to promote a new Nike golf ball (Nike One Black), which is the normal white, has now drawn unprecedented demand for production of the black ball. Now, Nike will begin a co-packaged promotion for the ball dropping in late February.

The Gates opens in Central Park
23+ miles of saffron-colored billowing fabric draped from gates from the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude.