What’s On My iPhone

my iphone home screenI’ve been an iPhone user since they first hit the market and I’ve been rocking an iPhone 5 since November. And, you can count me in the camp that thought the form factor of the iPhone 3gs was superior to the 4/4s/5. But I save those issues for another day.

Calendar – Synced primarily to my office Google Apps Calendar. 30 minute reminders for off-site meetings, 10 minute reminders for on-site meetings.

Music – All my music, and hooked up with iTunes Match.

Photos – My photo library, quick and easy access for showing off pictures of the kids, visual reminders, Lego creations and whatever else.

Camera – I keep the iOS camera on the homescreen for quick and easy access. Although I also own Instagram, Camera!, Camera+, CameraBag, Snapseed, Pro HDR and Pris.

Audible – I’m an Audible addict.

Clock – My phone has replaced my alarm clock.

Settings – Everyone always hides Settings. I’ve always preferred it front and center.

Maps – Yep, Apple’s Maps on the home screen. My travel universe has been shrinking the last few years. I know they had (still have?) issues, but I haven’t encountered anything other than some trivial errors.

App Store – Again, many people hide the App Store, I keep it front and center so I know when I have updates. I looked at my wife’s iPhone last night, she has 34 update notifications…I’m too OCD for that.

Weather – My Weather “App” is nothing more than Wunderground’s mobile site for my zip code pinned to the homes creen from Safari. I’ve tried many a weather app and this is still the reigning champion (even over the Wunderground App).

Kindle App – I read on-the-go often and Kindle App with syncing between my Kindle Fire is perfect.

TweetBot – The best iDevice Twitter client, hand’s down.

Games – I have 11 games in my Arcade group, mainly for my kids when we are out and about. I’m not a big gamer.

Authenticator – Google 2-Factor Authentication. If you read my post Your Password Sucks, you know why. A 15 second inconvenience when I log in my Gmail and Google Apps Gmail, but security is important. Plus I have a couple additional third-party website that also use Google 2 Factor Authentication.

Facebook – Yes. I don’t really know why, I don’t spend a lot of time there.

Simple – I opened a Simple.com account about a month ago. I’m hooked and I am leaning towards making Simple my primary banking account.

{empty row} – iPhone 5 gives you 5 rows plus the launch bar. I keep my fifth row clean in homage to my smaller screened iPhone 4 and 4s friends.

Messages, Phone, Mail and Safari are my launch bar apps.

On the rest of my phone. All apps are bunched in to a total of two more screens, primary with groups. Nothing much stands out. Skype, Viber, Analytics, Netflix and TD Ameritrade get the most use.