Turn any YouTube Channel in to an RSS feed

I was looking for an RSS feed for a YouTube Channel for the content automation purposes when I stumbled upon some instructions from Daniel Miessler’s blog.

I’ve updated them a bit to reflect the changes to YouTube has made in simplifying channel URLs:

  1. Go to the YouTube channel you want to track
  2. Point your attention to the Address Bar of your browser
  3. Grab the string of code off the end which is your Channel ID, for instance, mine is:
  4. Take the channel id string: UCPavAskuDNLl8bMmz7KF9BQ
  5. Replace that value into this URL after the channel_id=:

Boom, a nice RSS feed to use in your marketing and content automation strategies.


Weekend Exploration

Ramp up your weekend with these six things to watch, read, ponder or do.

Tour a Volcano
Watch:  National Geographic

Balldur – bring relax and Luxory into your home.
Look: Kickstarter

30 timeless lessons on creating killer content from one of the greatest business minds and copywriters: David Ogilvy
Read: WPCurve

Life as a fire lookout
Read Excerpt: High Country News
Buy the Book: ~$13: Amazon

How to Create a macOS Sierra USB Installer
Do: Tekrevue

You Suck at Excel with Joel Spolsky
Learn: YouTube

VNDK8: Excellence Through Effort


When you need that extra little bit of oomph to get through your workout – or even a power nap – new upstart VNDK8 Equipment Company’s excellent “Excellence obtained Through maximum Effort” is what you need. This was the first shirt off the line and sold out quick. But get this on your list and be ready for the next order.

VNDK8 is looking to inspiring the elite athlete in all of us. And the tag line “Reset the Preset” is spot on. Follow them on Instagram and find out how to get free stickers.

More Stickers! More Stickers! More Stickers! More Stickers! More Stickers! More Stickers!

A photo posted by VNDK8 EQUIPMENT COMPANY (@vndk8) on

Buy Now: $25 (batch 1 sold out)

Twisted Sharpies from Greg’s Garage


A recent addition to my EDC (every day carry). A hand-crafted Twisted Sharpie from the YouTuber Greg’s Garage. Designed by Greg – down I29 from me in Kansas City – and finished with the help of Jimmy Diresta.

Available in right and left-handed models. Refillable with a little elbow grease by removing tip section and ink well and replacing with fresh elements from a new Sharpie.

Support your fellow Makers.

Buy Now: $25

GoPro Karma


GoPro’s long-awaited entry in the drone space has finally been unveiled. The GoPro Karma, a self contained drone with removable camera harness, hand-held 3 axis gimbal and a remote all packed in to a backpack that doesn’t look to get in the way of your adventuring. And at a price point that doesn’t break the bank: starting at $799. Bring your own GoPro Hero 4 or Session, or bundle with the newly announced Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session for some savings.

I’ve long been on the fence about a drone for quite a while now, but every time I get my funds saved up for the latest DJI Phantom model, I find something else of interest. This time though, I’m closer to a purchase.

Shipping begins October 23, 2016.

On Apple Removing the Headphone Jack

An unconfirmed rumor about unreleased specs of an upcoming iPhone suggests that Apple will be removing the headphone jack from the next version of the phone. The Internetz are up in arms.

But here’s what I know. My wife is not a technofile, but she has a pair of rechargeable Beats in-ear bluetooth headphones that she has used exclusively for the last year. I mentioned “the rumor” to her, and her response was “My Beats work pretty damn fine and I haven’t needed a headphone jack since I got them. What do I care.”

Seems like a pretty solid move to me, especially if there are plans for Apple Bluetooth-based ear buds.

beatsAmazon Link

Viva La Taco Ride

I’m exhausted and my legs are jello. Getting back on the bike has been fun. Tonight, Marcus and I joined forces for the longest running weekly bike ride in the United States; the Taco Ride.


The ride starts at the Wabash Trace trailhead and ends up at Tobey Jack’s Mineola Steakhouse in Mineola, IA for their Thursday night taco special*. 10 miles each way, and relatively flat with a parking area about halfway affectionately called Margaritaville. Beers and margaritas are the refueling drink of choice.

A photo posted by Shawn (@shartley) on

We started back with about 20 minutes of daylight left. Luckily I was prepared with the headlight.

We both had GoPro cameras on, but I’ll have to save that for this weekend to see what kind of footage we captured. For now, my head is about to meet the pillow.