I Am The Iron Fist

First full trailer from Netflix for Iron Fist.

The story follows Danny Rand – Iron Fist – who is the only surviver of a plane crash that claimed the lives of his parents; billionaire owners of the Rand Enterprises. After the plane crash Danny Rand trained with martial arts masters. He returns to New York to claim his family’s holdings and clean out the corruption.

Set in the same Marvel universe with Daredevil, Luke Cage, The Punisher and Jessica Jones, they will combine for a joint series later this year: The Defenders.

All episodes of Iron First will be available March 17, 2017. Yes, Please.

Looking Towards 2017

Cue the New Year’s Resolution clichés.

I’m not much for them. I tend to take a look at my life and focus on the things that seem to be out of whack. I tend to take the “Do more of this, do less of that” approach rather than a “My resolution is to…”

In 2016 I took a serious look at my health and made some significant changes. And throughout most of the year I stuck with things, until a severe ankle sprain in late October has had me hobbling around the last couple of months. I lost a bunch of weight and will continue to do so in 2017.

I also rediscovered my love of the outdoors. I dusted off the old mountain bike and put quite a few miles on it, including some awesome group rides with friends.  In 2017 I’m going to do more of that and include some more outdoor adventures like camping, hiking and maybe a bikepacking trip.

I’m a firm advocate of the Maker Culture. Looking forward to the next year I’m going to actually work on more projects and spend less time cataloging, reading and hitting forums about potential projects. The key word in Maker is Make, not Collect.

Keep on reading. I’m two books short of a book a week in 2016. In the past, I’ve used that as a benchmark, but I’ve also added a lot more long-form journalism to my reading, which I think weighs the scales in my favor. I do want to start archiving the books I read somewhere on the site though. Right now I keep notes in my homegrown journaling system on my laptop (maybe a blog post one day?).

Career comfort level. Things are pretty comfortable. The younger me would probably chide me about the way things are. The older, responsible me tends to rely on the level of predictability. In reality, I should probably work myself closer to a middle view between those extremes. Predictability comes with the dull and monotonous. It can also lead to a pretty strong case of burnout if left unchecked. I do have a couple side businesses that could also use more attention from me. Those who know me well, know the struggles as we often talk of them and I find those conversations much more productive than a random blog post here and there.

I keep saying I’m going to do more blogging, and to that end I’ll keep trying. I have built out some sites in the last year that I use for professional reasons. Keeping those going does take a lot of content generation, so it isn’t like I don’t flex my writing muscles that often. I’ve also toyed with changing my primary domain for blogging away from sh2.com as sometimes I feel that comes with a bit of stigma for a bunch of reasons.

I’ve been unsocial on social lately and that isn’t by accident. I still love Twitter, but when we are still talking to each other and not when we are dropping links to our content marketing efforts (of which I’m also guilty). Facebook will probably be a casualty as I rebalance myself.

I also have a few things I want to investigate in 2017 such as:

  • Alternate methods of daily journaling (Bullet, BestSelf, Volt)
  • Meditation
  • Programming for mobile devices.
  • Photography & Video
  • More 30 Day Challenges
  • Float Tank
  • Bitcoin & other cryptocurrency

2017, I’ll see you in a few hours.

Year in Places – 2016 Edition

As the year draws to a close, it is time to recap my travels. This is an annual tradition going back a few years and the rules are simple: Catalog every city in which I spent at least one night.

2016 saw a record low for me in the 16 years I’ve been keeping track. While I didn’t move around a whole lot, I did have some seriously awesome travel experiences. A few days in Kansas City with my parents, my siblings and their families. A week in Breck with my wife’s side of the family. Capping it off was another trip to Disney World in October.

High quality relaxation time during a turbulent work environment.

Without further ado, my 2016 Year in Places (multiple trips indicated by an *):

  • Omaha* (home base)
  • Carroll, IA*
  • Kansas City, MO*
  • Scottsbluff, NE
  • Breckenridge, CO
  • Orlando, FL

“Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone.”
– Wendell Berry

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Turn any YouTube Channel in to an RSS feed

I was looking for an RSS feed for a YouTube Channel for the content automation purposes when I stumbled upon some instructions from Daniel Miessler’s blog.

I’ve updated them a bit to reflect the changes to YouTube has made in simplifying channel URLs:

  1. Go to the YouTube channel you want to track
  2. Point your attention to the Address Bar of your browser
  3. Grab the string of code off the end which is your Channel ID, for instance, mine is:
  4. Take the channel id string: UCPavAskuDNLl8bMmz7KF9BQ
  5. Replace that value into this URL after the channel_id=:

Boom, a nice RSS feed to use in your marketing and content automation strategies.


Weekend Exploration

Ramp up your weekend with these six things to watch, read, ponder or do.

Tour a Volcano
Watch:  National Geographic

Balldur – bring relax and Luxory into your home.
Look: Kickstarter

30 timeless lessons on creating killer content from one of the greatest business minds and copywriters: David Ogilvy
Read: WPCurve

Life as a fire lookout
Read Excerpt: High Country News
Buy the Book: ~$13: Amazon

How to Create a macOS Sierra USB Installer
Do: Tekrevue

You Suck at Excel with Joel Spolsky
Learn: YouTube

VNDK8: Excellence Through Effort


When you need that extra little bit of oomph to get through your workout – or even a power nap – new upstart VNDK8 Equipment Company’s excellent “Excellence obtained Through maximum Effort” is what you need. This was the first shirt off the line and sold out quick. But get this on your list and be ready for the next order.

VNDK8 is looking to inspiring the elite athlete in all of us. And the tag line “Reset the Preset” is spot on. Follow them on Instagram and find out how to get free stickers.

More Stickers! More Stickers! More Stickers! More Stickers! More Stickers! More Stickers!

A photo posted by VNDK8 EQUIPMENT COMPANY (@vndk8) on

Buy Now: $25 (batch 1 sold out)

Twisted Sharpies from Greg’s Garage


A recent addition to my EDC (every day carry). A hand-crafted Twisted Sharpie from the YouTuber Greg’s Garage. Designed by Greg – down I29 from me in Kansas City – and finished with the help of Jimmy Diresta.

Available in right and left-handed models. Refillable with a little elbow grease by removing tip section and ink well and replacing with fresh elements from a new Sharpie.

Support your fellow Makers.

Buy Now: $25