15 Minutes of Declutter – 30 Day Challenge

My 30 Day challenge for March is to spend 15 minutes a day around the house decluttering.

I started yesterday tackling a bookcase in the corner of our bedroom that seems to have become the official stacking location of a never-ending stream of books, gadgets, boxes and what not. Granted, yesterday was significantly longer than 15 minutes, but the results have set me on other derivative tasks.

Among some the upcoming tasks:

  • Sanitizing a 10 year old iMac for recycling. It has a bad PSU that only allows a little bit of use before it won’t start for a few days.
  • Storage solutions for cords, adapters and chargers.
  • Getting the laundry room prepped for the addition of a sink.
  • The Garage.

I figure that the worst that can come from this is my wife notices a I’m helping out around the house more: happy wife, happy life. But I think there is some other good that come from this, especially opening up the spaces a little bit, while giving myself permission to let go of a lot of physical “stuff.” There is also at least 15 minutes a day that I’ll be up and moving around, and breaking the habit of sitting around the house.

Building Expertise in a Year

Carolyn sent this to me this morning.

It is pretty incredible to see his improvement every few seconds as the video progresses from month to month over the course of a year.

Initially, it also made me feel a bit lazy. This guy throws everything over the course of year to be an expert at table tennis. What do I do in the same amount of time?

But I realized that it isn’t that I don’t do anything, I simply move from subject to subject and get to a level of understanding about the topic at hand. Then I make a conscious decision to keep going, or switch my attention to something else.

The lesson in both paths: Never Stop Learning.