Email Newsletters

Email newsletters aren’t dead. In fact they still remain one of the most effective ways to reach client and customers. But there has been a rebirth of late in content newsletters. Here’s a few of my recommended favorites:

A Monday-Friday newsletter of the day’s most fascinating news from Dave Pell.

Hacker Newsletter
A weekly (Friday) newsletter of the best articles on startups, technology, programming, and more. All hand curated from the Hacker News site.

Mister Spoils
A daily “inspiration” newsletter for the cool kids. A selection of travel Instragram posts, music, articles and merch.

5 Bullet Friday
A weekly newsletter (Friday) from the purveyor of 4 Hour topics. Usually hit or miss for me, but the 5 topic format makes it a quickly digested email.

The Journal
A new, monthly email from Kevin Rose, co-founder of Digg, focusing on content for the curious.

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Jeffsy Bikes – YT Industries

I’ve been getting the mountain biking bug again. Getting back in shape has reawakened past interests. My old, modified 1999 Cannondale F400 will have to suit me for now, but the new Jeffsy Line of bikes from YT Industries are certainly appealing. And some catchy marketing going on as well.