Shawn Hartley

I’ve been building web things, driving web traffic, and make things easier for people to find for over 20 years.

Industries: Advertising, Marketing & Sales
Short list: Ad Man | Idea Man | Developer | Brand Consulting | Marketer | Technologist.


  • Vice President at Corporate 3 Design
    A full service digital agency located in Omaha, NE.
  • Founder – LargeMountain
    LargeMountain provides managed WordPress Hosting, Digital Strategy, Performance-based marketing.
  • Founder – Convergency
    Domain Name investment portfolio and consulting.
  • Technical Advisor – Bonehook
    A strategic branding firm formed in Portland, OR which now resides in Austin, TX


  • AdPulp (Cofounder)
  • Turnpost (Director-Interactive Technology)
  • Corporate 3 Design (Full Stack Web Developer)
  • Bozell (Director of Interactive Technology)