Shawn Hartley

I’ve been building web things, driving web traffic, and make things easier for people to find for over 20 years. I am an expert at Marketing Technology, Web Development and pretty solid with Information Security. I’ve managed both creative and technology teams to deliver award winning websites and manage a network infrastructure of several servers in multiple data centers and AWS cloud environments.

I’ve also worked with WordPress since its earliest days developing and publishing several trade and sports publications.

I believe every person, business and organization should have a great website on a platform that they own and control. Control your platform, use social channels for sharing and outreach.

Industries: Advertising, Marketing & Sales
Short list: Bitcoin | Idea Man | Problem Solver | Marketer | Technologist.

Strengths Finder
1. Strategic
2. Ideation
3. Relator
4. Self-Assurance
5. Responsibility

Professional Site:
Shawn Hartley



  • Corporate Three Design (Vice President / Digital Marketing Director)
  • AdPulp (Cofounder, no longer associated with site)
  • Turnpost (Director-Interactive Technology)
  • Corporate 3 Design (Full Stack Web Developer)
  • Bozell (Director of Interactive Technology)

Don’t forget the special sauce.