I think it is time I publish a disclaimer of sorts about sh2.com. Without further ado, these are the guidelines I try to follow when publishing on this site:

  1. First and foremost, everything I publish is my views and opinions and do not reflect that of my past, present, or future employers.
  2. I will not post anything directly related to my work – clients, vendors, employers and/or clients’ vendors – unless it is public domain domain information or for the purpose of my own self promotion (i.e. stuff I’ve worked on that I consider a part of my portfolio) and has external, public references to which I can link.
  3. Content I post will have public, external sources I will link to and any such content is provided for my historical reference. As in information I find useful now or in the future, and that has basis in my work, my hobbies, broad trade verticals I happen to be interested in.
  4. I no longer allow comments, so I do not have a comment policy. I do encourage interaction and feedback via contact form and Twitter (@shawnhartley), though my Twitter usage has dropped tremendously. RIP Tweetbot.
  5. My blog isn’t a place to complain, bitch and moan. In all of the years this site has been used as a blog, I’ve rarely used my blog in this manner. My transgressions were early in the days of self-publishing and I think I do a pretty good job of self-censoring in all of my public mediums. Praise Publicly, Complain Privately, is what I always say.
  6. I may delete old content. Links live and die, it is often more efficient to delete a dated post with broken links/sources than to spend the time to fix it.
  7. I can’t imagine a time when I would have a guest post, but if I do, it will be clearly labeled as such.
  8. I may from time to time include advertising on this site. If/when I do, it is likely being done as an experiment or monetizing old content.
  9. I may from time to time include affiliate codes with external links to products and such. Outside the usual fare of books & music (primarily to Amazon.com), I will make an effort to point this out in a disclaimer on the post. I will not make a post purely to promote an affiliate link and anything I do link with affiliate codes will be something I have bought or used, and would recommend to others.

I don’t really have a reason for posting this. I just think it is a good policy to have for whatever reason. Despite that fact that I do have a public presence, not everything I say, do, or purport to know should be made public. I don’t overshare on social media sites, and I’m even less prone to do that here.

I try to be as transparent as I can, so I document changes below. I also try to encourage the WayBack Machine to grab fresh versions when I do make revisions.

Edit History
5/29/17 – Changed bullets to numbered list for legibility
5/29/17 – removed reference to Facebook in Item 4
2/18/20 – Republished
6/23/21 – Changed “In the 10 years” to “In all of the years” so I don’t have to worry about updating year counts
6/23/21 – Removed Email Address from Item 4 and instead linked to contact form.
4/14/23 – Updated Item 4. Updated primary Twitter handle and linked to a memorial for Tweetbot.
4/14/23 – Updated the intro paragrapher. Fewer words, better readability.
4/14/23 – Added closing paragraph on transparency and link to WayBack Machine.