Exploring Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

As we dive into 2024, let’s unravel the dynamic world of digital marketing. Trends come and go, but our focus here is on the impactful shifts that digital marketers must not only understand but also adeptly navigate. Embracing AI in Marketing: More Than Just Content Creation The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing strategies is no longer a future trend—it’s a present reality. In 2024, AI is essential for enhancing efficiency, personalization, and innovation in marketing. Here’s a closer look at how AI is … Read Full Post

Year in Places 2023 Edition

Closing out 2023 with my annual Year in Places. A list of locations where I spent at least one night away from home. This is my 11th year of doing these, mainly for my benefit. Previous years are all categorized under Travels if you have an interest in seeing where I’ve been. This years travels were fairly light. We wrapped up a trip to Orlando to ring in the year, but most of my travels consisted of day trips. My wife, on the other hand, … Read Full Post

Storm Clouds

Watching the storm clouds build and roll by on an early Sunday evening. Here’s a gallery of the unmodified photos:

Year in Places 2022 Edition

Closing out 2022 with my annual Year in Places. A list of locations where I spent at least one night away from home. As have been the pandemic norm, travel was fairly light again this year. I did have a major shakeup in my career, going out on my own, so we played smart with the finances. However, we did head to Florida for and end-of-the-year trip, but most of my travels stayed close to home in 2022. Featured photo is from Kennedy Space Center. … Read Full Post

Year in Places 2021 Edition

Closing out 2021 with my annual Year in Places. A list of locations where I spent at least one night away from home. After the first pandemic year of 2020 in which I had no travel, we loaded up the van and headed out west for a few weeks of travel & remote work. The featured photo is the view from our VRBO rental in San Diego, our home away from home for nearly three weeks. Without further ado, my 2021 Year in Places: Fill … Read Full Post

Moving on From Gmail

moving on from gmail

Back in March, I had a little scare with my Gmail account and was locked out for about 48 hours. That was a wake up call for me. I’ve been a Gmail user since the beginning. If I remember correctly, I was probably in the first week’s worth of invitations to create a Gmail account way back in 2004. With an account that old, it has been tough moving on from Gmail. Starting in early 2020, pre-pandemic, I’d already started thinking of taking a more … Read Full Post

The Matrix Resurrections Trailer

The Matrix Resurrections

Update. The full trailer is out, and it is epic. The Matrix 4 – Resurrections teaser trailer dropped today with a note that the full trailer is coming in two days. This is one of those movies that I have high hopes for, but an equal amount of dread. The first movie, The Matrix, was awe inspiring and captured my imagination like few other movies had before. The sequels were meh. They were entertaining enough, but failed to reach the high bar that The Matrix. … Read Full Post

Hartley URLs

As one who has been involved with the web since the early 90s, I’ve always tried to collect Hartley related domain names. I missed out on Hartley.com in the beginning and almost had Hartley.org at one point, but was outbid when the auction got a little too rich for my blood. But yesterday, I was able to snag hartley.co thanks to a domain backorder service that catches expiring domains. Spending all that time trying to grab one of these domains that I never really put … Read Full Post

Why I switched to Fathom Analytics

About a month ago, while on vacation in San Diego, I made the switch from Google Analytics to Fathom Analytics. This was one of my vacation mini projects I had set up for my self. Things I needed to get done, but just haven’t found the time. My History of Web Analytics Usage sh2.com has been online in some fashion since December of 1996. You can say it has been around the block a time or two. In the early days of the web, tracking … Read Full Post

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

I took this photo in 2016. We were set to go to Disney World in October 2020. The pandemic changed those plans, but I can’t wait too go back. Also, Disney’s Jungle Cruise hits theaters and Disney+ Premier Access on July 30th. As a Jungle Cruise alum from the summer of 1989, I’m looking forward to it.