Some Light Weekend Reading

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen these recently. If not, enjoy some light weekend reading, and then question yourself as to why you aren’t following me. For the conversationalist version of me, @shartley; for the content curation version of me, @shawnhartley. Supercharge Your Energy for Ad Agency New Business: New Research on Why CEOs Should Use Social Media Secrets of Super Negotiators – Monetize Everything Why You Shouldn’t Buy New Followers For Your Business Study: Ad Agencies Not Doing … Read Full Post

Hungry For Gumbo

I guest authored an issue of a paid email newsletter a while back called Hungry for Gumbo. The idea behind Hungry for Gumbo from David is, “I share ideas about writing, work, art, film, food, drink, place, politics and other items of interest to the group.” Group membership is established at the rate of $1/month – clearly one of the best deals out there. This past week, I took a turn in the kitchen and penned a guest edition. I would suggest emailing David from … Read Full Post