Year in Places 2020 Edition

Closing out 2020 with my annual Year in Places. A list of locations where I spent at least one night away from home. What a year it has been. My travels for 2020: That’s it. That’s all. I’m having a hard time even mustering up a quote for this year. I hope you are all safe. We had three fantastic getaways planned for 2020. Every single one of them was cancelled due to the pandemic. Featured photo is a throwback shot I caught with my … Read Full Post

What’s On My iPhone – February 2020

I haven’t posted one of these in a really long time. Given the attention to screen time concerns over the past couple of years, I’ve really slimmed down the applications I use – and have installed – on my phone. Currently I’m using an iPhone XS. My structure is 2 pages worth of apps and I keep an empty row between the apps and the dock. I’m also immune to the red notification dots. Page 1 Everything should be self explanatory. But some quick thoughts: … Read Full Post

Google Alerts for Fun and Profit

This post was originally posted in May, 2011 as Easy Reputation Monitoring. That post was deleted when I pruned my blog content in September 2018. A client had asked me if I still had, so here it is as it was originally posted. Visit: Google Alerts. Enter your search term in the box. In this example, I’m searching on my full name, so wrap it in double quotes to search as a phrase. Set it to Everything, As-It-Happens, Only the best results, and delivery to … Read Full Post

Year in Places – 2019 Edition

Big Slick 10 at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City

In my ninth year of recapping my travels during the year – dubbed the Year in Places – I hit a new low. And in fact, it is so low I really need to go back through my year and confirm that it is indeed accurate. Update: Yep, it is accurate. Featured photo for this post is from the Big Slick 10 event with the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium. 2019 was a challenging year personally, and professionally. I’m happy to be in 2020 … Read Full Post

Year in Places – 2018 Edition

Closing out 2018 with my annual list of travels. Things were a little light this year in terms of travel. Following up on my wife and I’s camping trip to Zion National Park, we took the kids this year. Here you go. Multiple nights indicated by an *. Home base is Omaha. Omaha, NE* (Home base) Green River, WY Cedar City, UT Zion National Park, UT* (camping) Springdale, UT Rifle, CO Carroll, IA My quote for this year’s recap is a little different. While we … Read Full Post

Cleaning House

My dearest web visitor – If you found your way here via a Google Search, Tweet, link on a random website or you are a return visitor, thank you for your visit. Unfortunately, whatever was here that you were looking for is gone. My blog posts which were relevant to friends and family have been moved to a new, private website. I’ve left my yearly recap of travels because they make me happy and let me relive those memories. The rest of my blog posts, … Read Full Post

Year in Places – 2017 Edition

Closing out 2017 with my annual Year in Places. A list of locations where I spent at least one night away from home. Notably absent this year was a night in Kansas City as I didn’t make it down for a single Royals game this year. But I did manage to best my record low of six from 2016. 2018 is shaping up for a good travel year already as well. Without further ado, my 2017 Year in Places (multiple trips indicated by an *): … Read Full Post

RSS Feeds, What Are They?

I recently wrote a post for the Corporate 3 Design blog about Rich Site Summary (aka Really Simple Syndication) or simply RSS or RSS Feeds. You’ve probably seen the icon and wondered what it was about. Or maybe you clicked an RSS Feed icon and were confused at the unstructured text display that popped up in your browser. In my recent blog post, I describe what an RSS feed is, common uses – including setting up a feed reader – and why they are still … Read Full Post

Year in Places – 2016 Edition

As the year draws to a close, it is time to recap my travels. This is an annual tradition going back a few years and the rules are simple: Catalog every city in which I spent at least one night. 2016 saw a record low for me in the 16 years I’ve been keeping track. While I didn’t move around a whole lot, I did have some seriously awesome travel experiences. A few days in Kansas City with my parents, my siblings and their families. … Read Full Post